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Service directory

I continue to update this directory with recommended service providers, so email me anytime to add your recommendations.  I am always looking to work with industry professionals with great service results.

Certified Appraisers

Need a certified appraisal? 

If you are evaluating your home for bank re-financling or if you anticipate a legal dispute between the current owners on title before or after you sell, you should get a certified appraisal.

Call me anytime to discuss further or inquire directly with a professional appraiser at the Appraisal Institute of Ontario.


Another industry professional who gets rave reviews

Connect Electric
519 940-7100

Home heating

Don Black provides home heating and inspection services

Don Black
Direct line & text 519 939-1818

Home improvement

Kalle provides a broad range of home improvement and handyman services and has received some great reviews from my clients;

Kalle Vaisanen
Direct line 519 270-1595


Ana provides broad insurance coverage and professional customer service through Nicol Insurance.

Ana Mendonca
Personal Account Manager
519 924-2940 x420


Pat Trimble provides broad insurance coverage and professional insurance coverage through Orangeville Insurance Services Ltd.

Pat Trimble
Personal Lines Broker
1 888 647-7683

More resources

This list is only a partial list, and I am always adding to my network, so let me know who's offering you outstanding service so we can all benefit from the great services of professionals committed to their industry.

Marco Ramos - Home Inspection professional

Marco Ramos with Lighthouse Inspections gets rave reviews from my clients. He's knows his stuff and allows buyers to make informed decisions before proceeding with their purchase.

Contact Marco Ramos
1 877 702-0775