A sample of properties I've been trusted to represent

It's all about the information!

Whether you're buying or selling, or both, you need strategies to get the right information and to provide the right information to get the results you want.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so my excellent virtual tours are just one way I ensure your property's information and features are out there and Buyers are motivated to get there and view it first. 

During and following any property viewing, it's very important to provide all the information a knowledgeable Buyer and their professional Realtor or Buyer's Agent will want to make informed decisions before proceeding to make you a fair offer with reasonable terms.

Here are some samples of my virtual tours that get results and start the process of selling your home with traffic through the door!

These homeowners got all the money for their nest of 14 years!

Working with these sellers was truly a pleasure. They started with an already wonderful family home, made the improvements I recommended, made sure they were always ready to show, and opened the door for every showing! The result was strong buyer activity which provided them with a very strong negotiating position, where if one buyer didn't take it and firm up, we had more waiting. They also got the quick closing they wanted, which got them and their family on their way out west where their family's are waiting to enjoy the summer with them! 

This home now has a new owner

The before pictures of this home would show a busy home with lots of memories, including clutter and 'stuff' we all accumulate over time. Working together with the seller and other family members, we prepared and staged the property for maximum buyer interest and achieved the seller's goals - not just to sell, but to negotiate the closing date needed for the new purchase as well, saving my client the additional cost of bridge financing between two properties. 

This homeowner tried another Realtor first, but I got the job done!

This home was on the market with no action for months. I interviewed for the listing and then created a tour that highlighted the best features of this spectacular property. I presented my thrilled client with multiple offers to choose from within weeks. Then we both had fun finding her a great new home to suit the next stage in her life. 

A great virtual tour makes all the difference

Call today to find out how I can showcase your home

This beautiful custom built home sold pretty quick after posting this tour. The seller also kept their own copy of this tour as a souvenir of their home which is now in the care of another loving family.

Another great virtual tour

And another home sold!

Not only do I provide very well crafted tours, I also provide hands on staging and staging advice, which many of my clients find invaluable!

This home showed very well too

And this tour got the sellers multiple offers!

Selling property for maximum price with minimum time and hassle is a process, and my specialty. Call today to find out more.

Not every home is someone else's castle

Show the Buyer what they're getting and showcase the features and benefits that you have. This home is also now in the loving care of new owners who appreciate it's attributes and value!

Every home tells a story

This vintage beauty speaks volumes

Let me help tell your property's story and find it's next loving caretaker.