Why rent when you can buy!

Stop Renting

With the new mortgage rules any potential home buyer has to come up with a down payment before he or she can secure a mortgage. A downpayment for a house now requires a minimum of 5%. Though there are still higher interest mortgages out there for 0% down... Let''s talk about making your home ownership dreams a reality.

Dufferin, Grey, and Simcoe Counties offer an Affordable Housing Program and it’s a great program for anyone who qualifies.

  • Applicants must be at least eighteen (18) years old
  • The home must be intended as the buyer’s principal residence
  • Maximum gross household income depending on area.
  • Maximum of other assets
  • Be eligible for financing from a financial institution
  • Maximum home purchase depending on area.
  • Loan amount is 5% of the purchase price to a maximum of $15,000
  • The applicant must not own any other home.

This loans represent a win-win situation! The home buyer gets access to funds for his or her down payment that might not have otherwise been available and the county increases its tax base to maintain and improve infrastructure and the education system.

Note: You will have to plan to live at this house as your principle residence for 20 years or you will have to pay the loan back in full + capital gains. Don't let that scare you though! It might not be that big of a deal to pay back if your house has made a lot in equity in say only 5-10 years and you need to move to a different city for work or something.  

Another Note: In support of the Homeownership component, CMHC has agreed to waive the surcharge for extending the amortization period for eligible purchasers to 30 years. CMHC will also recognize down payment assistance as owner’s equity in its underwriting evaluation.

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